About Gluten-Free Amy

Welcome, newly recruited cadets, to the Gluten-Free Army! Your Bootcamp one-stop destination for all things gluten-free. We review products, write nutrition guides, and provide recipes all tailored around a gluten-free diet. Whether you have celiac, or just trying out a new diet, we’ve got you covered here!

Our Mission

Our mission here at GlutenFreeArmy.com is simple, make gluten-free living super easy! There’s so much information on the internet it can be a challenge to wade through it all, especially if you’re new to the gluten-free lifestyle. Our aim is to cut out all the BS and fluff and give you the super easy-to-understand and digestible information you need.

Who Are We?

GlutenFreeArmy.com was created and is written by Brandon Melillo. He was diagnosed with celiac a couple of years ago. What followed his diagnosis was months of confusion, endlessly researching and googling in order to understand better not only his condition but gluten-free living as a whole. Gluten Free Army was born from his desire to create a site that makes celiac and gluten-free diets super simple, whilst keeping you both happy and healthy!